Dogs are welcome at Camping Le Paradis.  We do not charge for dogs as we think this is inappropriate.

We have a large adjacent, close fenced, field that is for dogs use.  Here they can run free and play.

However we ask that our guests clean up after their dogs and place them on their leads before exiting the field and returning onto the campsite.

There is a bin provided, at the entrance to the field, for dog waste bags.

At all times, on the campsite, your dog must be kept on the lead even whilst on your pitch. Unfortunately some people have allergies to dogs and your dog saying ‘Hello’ or jumping up, even in a friendly manner, could cause much distress in this instance.

We ask that guests exercise their dogs, either in the field provided or in the lane outside the campsite and must not be allowed to defecate at the entrance to other guests pitches, even if you intend to clean up after them.  Other people do not wish to observe this when they may be eating a meal alfresco!

We have a good local vet who carries out the necessary checks, passport stamps etc., for travelling back to the UK and also will care for your dogs' health needs.

Your dog is expected to be well behaved, not continuously bark/yap , or be a problem to other guests.  This also applies to owners who continuously shout at their dogs to repremand them.  If either of these situations occur, you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given. If you are in any doubt as to whether your dog's barking or yapping will be an annoyance to other visitors or the owners, we suggest you bring a muzzle of some kind. 

Please show consideration to other campsite guests who do not wish to hear dogs barking or owners shouting!

Owners please note!  If you allow your dog to dig up the pitch or the grass verges adjacent to the pitch, expect to pay to have them repaired.


Thank you for your understanding



Adjacent Dog Field


Legality and Safety of your Accommodation in France

At Camping le Paradis, during the course of a year, we get to hear from our regular visitors of other places, that they have stopped at with caravans or motor homes, ‘en route’ to us.  Some stories are quite horrendous, with electric hook-ups hanging out of trees and a number of other problems.  During the course of 2016, the amount of stories has basically doubled!  So the following article is just to try and help you with a safe passage wherever you go in France for your holidays.

In the UK there are a vast amount of regulations (Health and Safety etc.,) regarding the rental of accommodation whether it be campsites, bed and breakfasts or hotels.  In France we have similar regulations which have to be adhered to but the onus is on the owner of the establishment and not on the authorities. i.e. the safety aspect of your holiday is only as good as the conscience of the owner!!

Before booking your accommodation make sure that the owners registration number i.e. SIRET Number, is visible on their website or documentation as this can then be checked.  Any answers to questions you have regarding safety, legality and health or the suitability of accommodation regarding mobility issues should be obtained in writing.  In France, ignorance is not accepted in law and you can’t say ‘I didn’t know!’  One is expected to ask.

Regarding campsites,  these seem to be springing up, on a regular basis, where people are buying a house with a small parcel of land and, as a source of income, decide to operate a ‘Camping a la ferme’  i.e. CL campsite as we know them in the UK or larger as in some cases.  These, of course, are supposed to comply with a whole host of safety rules and regulations plus the correct registration but unfortunately many do not and again it is advisable to do as much research as possible.

It is worth noting that the star rating of a campsite applies to the quantity and type of facilities that are offered and does not guarantee the safety of these or its additional activities.  If you are not sure then always ask.

When looking for caravan storage the above plus more applies.

A point to remember, if you have to make an insurance claim, is your insurance company will undoubtedly want answers to many questions before settling. 

The following few photographs are of a few things which should be visible on your arrival and take a few minutes to satisfy yourselves that everything is safe for you and your family.