During the course of the year we are asked questions concerning the legalities and essentials of electricity.  This page will give you some idea of what to look for, what to be aware of and what is essential regarding your electricity hook-up on site.

What to try to avoid:

a)   A multi-point hook-up

This type of hook-up point, which might well be reverse polarity, works  as follows:-  One feed into the box and an internal fused ‘disjoncteur’ (disjoncteur or disjon for short  -  pronounced like the mustard ‘dijon’ -  is a fused tripper,  the cartridge for which is usually 8 or 10 amp.) which feeds the outlets.  This is fine if you are the only person using this hook-up point as the fused cartridge will feed all outlets. As more people plug in, so the supply to your van becomes less. You may be paying for 8-10amp but in fact you are sharing this output with others. If you are unsure then ask the owner to open the box so you can satisfy yourself you are getting what you are paying for.  Once the cartridge is tripped the normal procedure is for the campsite owner to open the box and change the cartridge.   (see picture below)



b)   A hook-up without a 'disjon' / tripper

c)   Extension leads

d)   A hook-up that is encased in metal i.e the upright post or box - metal and electricity do not mix!  We have seen this and it is dangerous.


The correct electricity supply will have its own ‘disjoncteur’  with its own fuse i.e., one ‘disjoncteur’/one hook-up.  What you are paying for will be the full ampage that the cartridge supplys and not shared with anyone else.  This also protects other users because if you have a problem with your ‘disjon’,  you will be the only one that trips and will not interfere with anyone elses  supply. (see picture below)


What you must bear in mind is your motorhome/caravan handbook will have a paragraph advising you how to connect and disconnect from your supply.  To follow these handbook instructions precisely it is preferable for every pitch to have its own supply with an individual  tripper.  This way you receive what you pay for and you will be the only one who can trip your van off! 

It is an obligation for all campsites to have their electricity points inspected every year. If you are not sure ASK to see their paperwork.